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For Sale or Trade: VSonic GR07 MK2 Pro

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For Sale or Trade:
VSonic GR07 MK2 Pro

Will Ship To: Anywhere

WTS the above mentioned earphones.

I'm selling them because i could not get used to the fitting of the earphones, and thus they are not really comfortable for me.

They are around 2 months old, but are very much under used, total usage around 10 hours. Only used them for commute at times. Bought from Jaben Singapore. Warrenty if only valid in Singapore.

Comes with full box and accessories.


I'm able to ship to all areas, but shipping would be paid by buyer(I would need to check on how much it would be first).

Payment via paypal.

I'm open to trade with klipsch x10 or etymotic er4p /er4s (or other deep insertion earphones), and will top up accordingly.



This is my first sales here, but you can check my feedback on ebay:

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You May want to adjust your price as new iem is available from authorised retailer lendmeurears in Singapore for 130usd.
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