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For Sale: FS: AK100 & Vorzugge Pure combo

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For Sale:
FS: AK100 & Vorzugge Pure combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Full set of Vorzugge Pure and AK100 for sale, with a few other items chucked in (Black Dignis AK100 case, blue carry case, iConnector etc)


Both items in conservative 90%+ condition, very light use.  I have an AK120 and I've been meaning to sell for ages, just haven't had the time until now.


There is sticky back velcro on the amp and on the Dignis case - this makes a very compact and secure fastening and offers some protection.


I'd prefer to sell them together and I'd prefer a local Hong Kong sale both to ensure the buyer is happy and to avoid having to got to the Post Office!


PM me for any additional photos/info.  I don't sell much online, but for what it's worth I have an impeccable eBay record under andystoneman




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Your cable in the photo is going between the amp output and the AK100 digital in :)

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Hmmm, schoolboy error on my part! It works much better when set up correctly rolleyes.gif
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PM sent !

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