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Hi, new guy here. Let me start off with a brief intro: I am currently a student with a huge love for Engineering and anything related. Also, I am a perfectionist, so I prefer my stuff (including audio setup) to be as good as possible, without affecting my wallet. I've made a couple of really cool stuff, like Auris, a micro-sized, deep in-ear monitor (go search for my blog), originally designed for use where you aren't supposed to use it (boring lectures, boring meetings, boring whatever not). I've also made a micro-crossbow, smaller than Ethago's (a YouTuber that plainly refuses to teach others how to make his crossbows) and improved. Also got a vid on YouTube.


Anyway, my question. I've got a set of Phonak PFE 112 which I got at a steal (SGD $98) and the free Comply foam isn't the best of quality. It's breaking apart now, and I want to get a new set of foam ear tips.


I have a couple of choices here:

-Westone True Fit + Star Tip Kit (going at an offer)

-Comply Foam (I want a something new, but if there isn't any, I can re-use Comply)

-Shure Olives (Does anyone know the official name for this?)

-Monster Supertips


Any other good foam/form-fitting eartips would do. I just want to try something new.


I was wondering about the compatibility with my Phonaks, whether they will fit or not. Also, I want to know about the pros and cons of each.


One thing I don't really like about Comply is how fragile it is. If it gets wet, it can tear really easily. Also, the moment it gets wet, it loses it's memory capabilities, becoming pretty much like regular foam.


Factors I am looking for:


-Re-useability (Whether I can wash/clean them and still be able to use them to a reasonable extent)

-Isolation (Certain models of Comply don't seem to give the best isolation. I know my size, so it isn't a size incompatibility)

-Length (My ear canal runs rather deep, so I need something long like the Westone True Fit)



Any other suggestions?