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Would anyone with knowledge of how the wiring and circuits work in a tube amp be able to tell me why sound only comes out of the right channel when it receives a signal? I know it has something to do with the left channel, female connector for the tube, but I have no clue where to begin to fix this problem. Keep in mind, when I first received the amp, all was good. Also, I know the tubes themselves are not the issue because I have used these same tubes in a second A1 that Ryan of Maverick Audio shipped to me for free because this first amp was "defective."


One detail, if I manipulate the tube while a song is playing, sometimes, if I hold it in just the right position, the left channel will work.

The dropbox link has some lackluster photos that might help anyone to see if anything is out of place on the board. I can take much better pictures with my DSLR if needed.


Thanks for any help that is provided.