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Bump... Was there a conclusion to this?

Right now i still have the over ear momentums, a pair of hd25 1 iis and also my creative aurvana lives.

I was about to het the amperiors at 145 euros on amazon but meanwhile i bought a pair od hd25s for 60 euros (no box but in perfect condition) and that instantly made me forget the amperiors. Even if they are worth it i am not selling my hd25s and adding more money for them.

Right now i have two deals pending...

A trade proposal... V moda m80s for my hd25s and a pair of mdr 1rs for 90 euros (mint condition but no box or recipt). The mdr 1rs i will probably let go because o got the momentums for 160 new and besides the comfort the momentums seemed better i all aspects. The mdr 1rs seem to have better vocals and soundstage (wich is not very difficult to beat on the momentums) but i only tried the briefly (like 3 min). The momentums seemed more refined overall and with better build quality.