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e11 set up ?

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i bought a pair of dt 770 80ohms, i love them!


i bought a Fiio E11 to power the headphones when im on the go, im just wondering the power settings i should be using



cheers :)

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Set it to whatever sounds best to you.... I personally use High Power > Low Gain > EQ 0.

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i was really wondering, what power setting it should be on.. regarding the high low switch under the battery !

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Try both and see which one you like better. If low power isn't loud enough for you, then switch to high.

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The conventional wisdom is to use the lowest gain that delivers the volume you require. That will provide the lowest noise floor. In practice, it doesn't really matter for the majority of gear and people - except for those with golden ears that worry about everything. Set it where ever you need to for the volume you seek. If you have very sensitive 'phones, then you might need to use low gain to avoid hiss. If you have harder to drive 'phones, then hiss will be no problem and you might need high gain to get the volume you require.
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