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For Sale: TEAC UD-501 DXD/DSD USB DAC. Like New!

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: USA or local pickup (Seattle)

For sale is a lightly used, fully broken in TEAC UD-501 USB DAC.  


The UD-501 supports DSD playback at either 2.8MHz or 5.6MHz (DXD).  PCM Audio is supported up to 384kHz/32-bit. This is a dual monaural design and features two BurrBrown 32-bit DACs per channel.


Rave reviews at Audiostream and Positive Feedback.  


This is great sounding DAC, bought in July. The only reason I'm selling it is I decided to go with a Benchmark DAC2 HGC since it is also preamp and has analog inputs. I bought the Benchmark in August and the TEAC has been boxed up since then.


this is your chance to get an essentially new TEAC UD-501 for significantly less than the going price.


Asking $700.  I'll accept payment through PayPal and will pick up the fees, you pay shipping.  I'm kind of new to Head-fi, but check out my feedback on Audiogon as 7ryder of ebay as bike-boy7

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Sorry, Seattle

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This is a killer DAC, and it's very underrated. I compared it to my Oppo BDP-105, balanced outputs for both, and I preferred the TEAC. It had much more detail, transparency, and a deeper sound stage. It really made me upset that I preferred the TEAC because it wasn't mine and I had to give it back. :( 

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