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For Sale: Fiio X3

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For Sale:
Fiio X3

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought an X3 to replace my Sansa Clip that I had lost, but now I found the clip so I don't need the X3. Only got it this week. Free shipping CONUS - unit purchased from an authorized dealer on Amazon. The unit is confirmed as authentic per Not interested in trades unless you have a DX50 you don't want. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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Hi there, could you let me know please if there is a big difference between the SQ of the clip VS Fiio playing back a flac file ?


Id be using it with my Senn IE8


just bought the clip, thinking of a upgrade not sure to what


Thank you

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I think the X3 is an upgrade but not so much because of sound. I didn't notice a major sound difference between FLAC on the clip vs the X3. The X3 however does allow for more storage space, has a better display, and is a little easier to use. I think the X3 and Clip have similar sound signatures so you shouldn't notice a big difference. You might find more clarity with the DX50 but it costs quite a bit more.

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Thank you very much for that comparison indeed!!! Much appreciated.

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