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For Sale:
ALO Audio Reference 8 for Audeze LCD2 or LCD3!!! Short right angle mini to mini

Will Ship To: conus

Alo Audio Reference 8 for Audeze.  This is SPC and Copper version!  6ft with 6.3mm plug termination Straight from alo this is 650!  Selling for a fraction! -  415


Short Right angle mini to mini - 20


Double Helix Cables Custom IEM - is wire is individual sleeved for a very classy look!  This has the recessed pin plug so it'll work with recessed and non-recessed sockets.  Works with JH, UE, UM, Westone and lots more.  Be sure to check compatibility!  Slightly longer than 4ft.  Terminated to a mini plug - 130 105 (weekend sale price over) 130


Whiplash Cables Hybrid V3Rhodium Oyaided right angle termination. Custom iem cable.  The single best cable for customs!  8 conductor hybrid!

-415  350

Double Helix Cables HD800 -  Terminated with an Ibasso Hirose 6 pin plug.  4ft  From DHC this is 259 -  130


These cables were made by their respected companies and NOT buy some random DIYer!

Shipping is fre within the CONUS.  International buyers please PM.  Paypal fees are not included however.


Don't be scared to send in offers or trades!

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