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For Sale: Altmann Tera-Player

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For Sale:
Altmann Tera-Player

Will Ship To: Continental U.S.

Altmann Tera-Player in mint condition with the exception of a pin-head sized mark to the right of the play (circle) button. It arrived this way and I couldn't be bothered to return it to Charles and risk delays in customs in both directions for such an inconsequential and truly barely noticeable mark.


I took delivery of the unit in May. I'd guess it's been used for 100 hours of break-in plus another 100-150 of actual listening. This is the v0 (standard) version of the unit.


Selling the Tera-Player because I'm selling my JH Audio 13 Pro (FreqPhase) and moving away from CIEMs.


Price of $1,175 includes PayPal fees and insured shipping via UPS Ground (signature required) inside of the continental U.S. Buyer must be PayPal verified.


Please note that this player now sells for 1,680 EUR and my price represents the USD equivalent of the 840 EUR I paid plus PayPal fees and shipping related to this transaction. I will not entertain (or respond to) lower offers or offers to trade.


For what it's worth, below is a link to my review on the player:

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