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Jecklin Float QA or Taket T2 or SR009

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Hello everyone,


I want to upgrading my system. Currently my 2 preferred headphone from my collection are the Sennheiser HE60 and Hifiman HE6.


I need 2 newest headphone that give me significant upgrade in order to sell all my headphone and simplify my system.


The Jeckling seems more to the side of the HE60 and the Taket T2 more on the HE6's side. I'm right ?


The SR009 is in the middle ? I've read review that reports Jeckling outperforming the SR009.


There is alternative to the Jecklin box ? Can I use my hifiman adapter for the Taket T2 ?



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Nobody ?

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There's not many here that could make that comparison.

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I had the misfortune of receiving a defective Float QA when I ordered it. However, when I did get to listen to a properly working Float QA, it was a lot more enjoyable than the SR-009. The SR-009 is "very" transparent... but so transparent that it sounds somewhat glaringly bright, sharp and unnatural. The Float QA has a more natural presentation of music, has a very coherent soundstage, while retaining a high level of transparency without being fatiguing. To my ears, an HE-6 driven with a high-quality speaker amp is more enjoyable to listen to than an SR-009 over extended hours of listening. I haven't heard the TakeT, but the Float QA supposedly works better with a wider array of genres.


I've seen many people preferring the SR-007 Mk1 (not the current Mk2) to SR-009. Haven't heard the Mk1 yet, but I'd surely love to give it a listen someday, preferably on a TOTL system like HeadAmp BHSE.

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Thank for your response. 

What amp did you use with the Jecklin ? 

It has that tactile HE6 sound ?

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Originally Posted by Hun7er View Post

Thank for your response. 

What amp did you use with the Jecklin ? 

It has that tactile HE6 sound ?


The Float QA is not an amp-picky headphone, and sounds great as long as the amp feeds enough juice into it. Just bear in mind that it should be paired with an amp rated higher than 30W (per channel at 8 ohms), preferably around 60W, to achieve loud listening levels.


The HE-6 is one of, if not the best headphone I've heard in terms of tactility, but the Float QA is not that far behind. Planar magnetic headphones like the HE-6 generally has a more engaging, visceral sound presentation than electrostats which, on the other hand, sounds airy in comparison. The reason I don't find SR-009 that enjoyable is because it sounds too electrostatic... kinda lifeless if you know what I mean. The Float QA sounds more natural and organic, but maintains its edge of transparency and soundstage as an electrostatic headphone.


In my opinion, the HE-6 and Float QA strikes a good compromise between natural/organic and airy/transparent. Both are also fairly neutral sounding on the bright-dark scale, so they perform well with a wider range of genres than LCD-3 and SR-009 (which are on the opposite extremes in sonic character).

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I which area the Jecklin is better than the HE6 ?

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Originally Posted by Hun7er View Post

I which area the Jecklin is better than the HE6 ?


Although I never got to A/B my HE-6 with a properly working Float QA side-by-side, the German electrostat definitely was more transparent sounding, and threw a deeper and wider soundstage. But it wasn't as toe-tapping as the HE-6 with some of the more exciting music.


If I were to own just one headphone, it would be a tough call between the Float QA and HE-6. The Float sounds superbly excellent even on an inexpensive amp, but the HE-6 apparently scales higher and higher with better amps used, only the sky's the limit. I've taken the HE-6 along with its HE-Adapter to several audio stores in the neighborhood, the same thing I've done with my defective Float, and was surprised to see how incredible the HE-6 sounds with amps beyond my budget, costing $10K and up.


YMMV, since I've only listened to the Float QA on a couple occasions with different setups. For the record, the most enjoyable headphones I've listened to are Sennheiser Orpheus, Jecklin Float QA and HE-6.


If you have a healthy wallet, why not also consider the Abyss? Some folks have said very positive things about it, possibly the best planar magnetic headphone ever created. It has a very low efficiency like the HE-6, so maybe it scales really high with a decent speaker amp too.

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Seems the Float very interesting.


I wait for an old Threshold SA3.9e for my HE6.


By the way the HE6 are just amazing for his priced in used conditions. It presents the music in a musical manner that you could listen for hour and hour.

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Did nobody hear the Taket T2 ?

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I LOVE my Taker H2.

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There was a minimeeting in Bangkok Thailand. We had chances to audition takeT H2+, Jecklin Float QA, SR009 and
JPS Abyss
Here is the opinion of Warin http://www.head-fi.org/t/666765/the-jps-labs-abyss-ab-1266-appreciation-and-impressions-thread/748

[Abyss AB-1266:
First impression I got from these are "accuracy" and "bold". Each sound and note is very tight. If metaphor is needed, I would depict the Abyss as a legion of well-disciplined marching soldier with thunder clamoring sound in their wake. They are just that tight! The bass, both quantity and quality wise, is fantastic. You can feel the oomph and the deep low shaking sound so well. Those who love hip-hop and beat will definitely like it. The songs are very engaging with this pair of headphones. Listening to some pop tracks such as "Rolling in the deep", I find that it might be too engaging for some situations. The wave of sound just keeps coming that I couldn't concentrate on other things. But there was no sign of fatigue that I felt from that.

These cans are astonishingly good with rock, metal, hip hop and engaging genres of music. They also perform well with classical and audiophile track but you won't get the home-system-like atmosphere. They are designed to sound like a headphone! But I can assure that they got more than enough power to deliver the music beautifully.

The overall emotion I got is that they are the most "fun" cans to me. They are definitely better than other planar magnetic breed but worth the price tag? It depends and I couldn’t say. The weight of these might feel heavy on hand but they sit quite well on your head ergonomically. Not stuffing at all too.

takeT H2+: feeling very real and laid-back, sounds so much like a home stereo system. They are light-weight and very comfortable to wear. The con is the system that has to be matched with them. They require the use of power amplifier. However, that means one investment that can be used for both home based and headphone based system!

Sonic-wise, they provide awesome dynamic sound. The drum beats are very life-like. Also, they have got very distinct atmosphere when listening. Female vocal is superb. On the other hand, they can sound very colored to some ears. A track with huge image of vocalist can be a tad too upfront to me. The only weakness of these is that they do not sound very engaging for genres like rock, metal. In conclusion, these pair of cans (okay I’ll call them can) are suitable for audiophile, jazz, classical genres and can be used for a very long period of time without fatigue. Those who love the atmosphere of home system will definitely love these. To be specific, the elder are sure to love them ha-ha.

Jecklin Float QA:
just like the name states. They literally float on your head. First impression, comfort is top notch since they just sit on your head. But there is no sound isolation at all. It is like putting a pair of speakers next to your ears. You will need a room with some privacy to fully enjoy the pleasure that these headphones got to give. Another con, perhaps just to me, is the material of the headband kind of makes my head feel itchy.

Their sound is pretty similar to takeT H2+ in term of being home system-like but I would say Float QA is quite more of monitored type headphones and they sound more open comparatively. The clarity of the drum is somewhat less upfront, however, not in a negative way. Some people would find this kind of drum hitting sound more forgiving to their ears, when listening for a long period of time.

Stax SR-009:
My first impression for SR-009 is that they produce a very delicate sound (not sure whether this is the sound signature of electrostatic driver).

In my opinion, SR-009 produces just the right amount of mid-range and they present the song in such a way that it is not pushing or too laid-back. The high range is also presented in such a manner. Detail is very good. There is some person finding the quantity of the bass to be lacking and I somewhat agree. However, the deep range bass is still there. Unlike Orpheus that continues to awe you, I think SR-009 is delicate, so smooth that I got tranquil feeling from them. These are the headphone that could put you to sleep, in a good way I meant!

To me, I prefer SR-009 to the Orpheus because the latter is just too great. I was mesmerized by the Orpheus too much that I might not have a break from oh-so-awesome moment and that, for me, can be psychologically tiring. Well, not that I can afford to choose any of them anyway ha-ha. But this is just the impression I got from comparing these two kings.

I would say they are monster of the same breed. But if I was to choose, I prefer Float QA to takeT H2+ because I personally feel they are more suitable to wider range of music.
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Thanks you for these review. There is some interesting things.


I've read that the Taket T2 had bass hump. 


The Abyss is too expensive. Moreover I prefer to keep two headphone, at least one for backup. 


At this moment I think about keeping the HE6 because he is so unbelievable for the price. I will try it on a Threshold SA3.9


I think the couple Jecklin or SR009 and HE6 is good combinaison.

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