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Headphones with movies, superb experience

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I have abandoned my 5.1 hometheater fully. :( I bought years ago HD558, but it lacked some punch/dynamics with movies. Then finally got Beyers 990 maybe year ago, wow! These cans and my hk receiver with dolby headphone movies come alive. No problems with room acoustics, no problem with volume and neighbours. Haven`t touched my hometheater in many months. I wear these cans maybe 5+ hours a day at home every day with background music or some light gaming.  They frickin rock! Almost pooped my pants when watched the new horror flick in dark and high volume. Heart attack was near. :p

Is there a chance i could even better sound for my movies from these super cans? I watch full hd movies with mpc hc, club 3d theatron agrippa 7.1 with coaxial cable to my hk avr-255 (was 700€). So it uses hk`s dac, amp isn`t cheap so i guess they uses good parts. It is really sad that we don`t get any tests between headphone amps and different priced avr amps and how it sounds from them. Maybe some test with dolby headphone vs. yamahas headphone surrounds too. There is many topic where a guy has been disappointed when he bought dedicated amp for cans. It sounds same as from he`s avr/cd player. input. I don`t want to throw money away for nothing. I doesn`t matter what it costs, if i can get some crazy experience with cans. I am thinking to sell my hometheater speakers. :atsmile:


I am happy with this system, but you always are hungry for better. And i wan`t to know is there something better for movies than my system. I mean SOMETHING REALLY BETTER which anybody can hear. I know there is T1 from Beyer and Sanns HD800, but they lack bass/dynamics for movies what i have heard people talking. For music they are superior. I don`t listen music that much.. Why they don`t test new cans with movies only?? Many people love cans with movies. If you are a single guy, you don`t need hometheater, just good cans and maybe some headphone surround. ;)

So what is your thoughts about all this?? There has to be some headphone movie freak.

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My current favorite for movies is the Denon D5000.  Others that I've tried and liked are the Denon D2000, Hifiman He-400, Philips Fidelio X1, and the Samson SR850.


I often hear that Ultrasones are pretty good for movies as well.

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