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Headphones -Closed

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I wanted to known what headphones to buy for under 600 that are closed , I need good bass and oversound as my music taste is very large.In addition I would like to known if an asus xonar soundcard is good and if  I need a DAC, In addition please make sure there close as I live with a few people and would not like to wake them up late at night.

Thanks Xerofoify

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Is this audio setup just for music? what about movies and gaming?

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This is for all types of music and movies, mostly for great music and audiobook experience would like to be able to experience movies well too but is not a top item on my list.

This also is for my next build which will be when Skydale releases due to me programming and I would like Usb 3.1, Pci -E 4.0, Sata Express and DDR4.

The list of items in order of priority for my sound system are

1. Headphones -Budget $500

2. DAC -Budget $600

If the budget is over my $50 or so that's fine.

The list of things this will be used for are

1. Long programming hours, so I need to be able to wear the headphones for up to 24 hours straight without any issues due to comfort.

2. Needs to have a no bass or other way it tunes the music want it to be a straight frequency rate

3. Need it be quiet as I live it a basement with my family on the second floor.

4.Need the Dac to improve the sound and help out with increasing the song enjoyment

5.Need the headphones to be very low latency when changing for a very high vocal pitch/range to a low pitch/sound this includes instruments too

6.Need it be able to high with voice clarity in movies and anime, mostly tv shows like dramas and animes, some action

This all I can thing of for now please reply when you can.

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