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Where Would You Have Your Setup?

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Ok, so I have been wondering: Does anyone other than me have a perfect place in their mind, like a room in a certain house, or anywhere really, that they imagine having all their hi-fi setup, sitting down there at a certain time, and having a wondrous listening session. It can't just be me, although who knows. And this could really be any place, maybe a quiet room that's underground, maybe on the top deck of a submarine? I am curious of what of what other people think, so describe this place to your heart's content, where you would be looking, what you would be listening to, maybe a there would be a certain smell, the time of day all factors count. Again, just curious as to what response I'll get.

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I would tend to think that most of us have several rigs.  For me personally, it's not about having a rig in one specific place.  I just want to make sure I'm not without a rig at any given time.  Having said that, my main rig is on my desk as I'm working nearly all the time.  And I carry a portable rig with me.  I tinkered with the thought of having a bedroom rig for a while, but ultimately rejected it or else I'd never sleep.

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