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HDAV1.3 Opamps

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I'll be honest, I'd rather avoid reading  300 page thread, would also like to avoid having to pull my computer apart time and again.


On that basis I might have convinced myself to go with the Burson option for the front stage, but I'm not sure yet. At the least I very much doubt I'll be upgrading all the channels to those based on the price, but I'd like to get the others swapped over before the new build is finished.


So could someone give me a rundown on what would be a decent upgrade for the remaining 6 opamps? Would be nice to tailor them for each channel.


Also, what fitting.socket do I need for it to be plug and play?



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Made a start on the weeks worth of reading, but my worry is have things changed within the last few years?


Burson are out of opamps, which lead me to AudioGD, looks like a better option anyway, also means the extra budget can go on upgrading the center and subwoofer channels. I had a twin metal capped 627SM from another unit, which I have fitted in the buffer position for the front, and the IVs have been changed for 2x LM4562.


My thoughts are to move this to the rear channels, and upgrade the fronts and center/sub to the AudioGD units, unless anyway can advise otherwise?


Can anyone help with translating this


"Usually the good sound card have regenerative +/- 12V for the OPA for the better sound.

If you have the meter, you can turn to DC20V step,  black pin connect the computer chassis, red pin check the Pin8 of the OPA, this is + voltage. Check the Pin4 of the OPA, this is - voltage."


I've read they need more voltage, can this be done within a PC? Can I get some sort of other power supply? Would the sound card get upset if I fed the 12v 15v? Or would I have a power supply just the opamps. I plan to have the entire sound section of t he PC in its own case within the case.


Any help would be much appreciated

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Just found how much a twin 627SM is on Auzen's site, madness.


Could anyone comment on whether the Audio Gd units are still an upgrade?

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