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Computer Speakers under 80$

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I have seen this: http://www.head-fi.org/t/627161/my-very-low-budget-nearfield-desktop-rig-lepai-amp-and-dayton-audio-speakers

I want to get that amp but I am wondering if there are smaller bookshelf speakers for the same price or less, and put out as good sound. I am working with pretty limited amounts of space. FYI I can work with wall mounting the speakers... 

Also I am wondering if there are limitations on how big of a sub-woofer I could get, in the future, with that small of an amp.


Thanks for helping out a newbie.

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Some people prefer the Micca MB42 over the Daytons, and they are a little smaller.

Be sure if you intend to wall mount speakers that you either (a) get front ported or sealed speakers (no rear port) or (b) if rear ported, you get mounting hardware that allows the ports several inches to breathe.

The subwoofer power will have nothing to do with the Lepai amp. Most subwoofers come with their own built in amp (that's what you want). If you get one very powerful, you just won't be taking advantage of it's max output. Be sure to get a subwoofer with speaker level inputs and outputs, like the Dayton SUB1200 or Polk PSW10. Those are easy to integrate with the Lepai amp.
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Okay cool. 

It looks like both the Micca's and the Dayton's are rear ported or am I mistaken?

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Never mind I see the Dayton's are not ported. 70$ for the Dayton's and the amp. That is not bad at all.


EDIT: I came across these, read a few bad reviews on the Dayton's which kind of threw me off: http://www.amazon.com/BIC-AMERICA-DV-32B-Shielded-Speakers/dp/B00006JPDF


Are the bad reviews on the Dayton's from when they outsourced them/ when they were priced at 25$?

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The newest versions of the Daytons have apparently corrected their manufacturing problem. You can always call Parts Express and ask (it's their house brand).
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Thanks. You are the man. I read a little bit more on the problem and it seems Dayton is sending replacements without even asking you to return the previous ones if you even do get the crappy ones built before July 2nd of this year.

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Glad to help.

And if Dayton is taking care of the problem, I would trust them to. Parts Express is one of the leading suppliers of speaker and subwoofer components for the DIY community, much of which includes their Dayton brand parts (I have one of their sub amps). They have a good reputation, so I'm sure that they'll want to keep that smily_headphones1.gif
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