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For Sale:
Pioneer Dolby Headphone (wireless) SE-DIR2000C

Will Ship To: USA

I bought this system a number of years ago from Audiocubes, straight from Japan.  I am selling them because I moved and my current system does not allow for them.  If my current setup would allow it I would keep them.


Specifically, I ceiling mounted a plasma TV with all the components in a remote location with all wiring through the attic.  Its a very clean set up without any visible wiring.  These headphones are digital infrared headphones, meaning they require line of sight to operate, so that is why I am selling them.  That is also why they are so fantastic, the infrared signal is almost perfect.  It is the best wireless audio I have heard.  I'm sure its not in the league as the Smyth Realizer, but neither is the price.


They are used but in great condition.  All the accessories and original box are included.  I even have the original packing material.


  • wireless headphones in great condition.  One pair.
  • base unit in similar condition.
  • original Pioneer rechargeable AA batteries.  They probably will not last too long, but since they are standard AA, that should not be a problem.
  • remote, probably needs a button battery change too.
  • original 220v wall wart with 110v to 220v conversion.  The wall wart is 220v since this was a Japan only release.  
  • I bought a standard wall wart with matching connector for 110v from Radio Shack.  Just to have one wall wart instead of two.  Also included.
  • original manual and warranty card.
  • original box in great condition.


Its a great unit.  One of the unique features of this unit is that it is wireless AND wired simultaneously.  I've looked for replacements and nothing really has the wired option.


Its a large box to begin with, and once its double boxed, its gigantic.  For that reason, USA only.


I'd like to get $225 shipping and PayPal included in the USA, or $200 PayPal inclusive with your shipping account.  I'm open to negotiation but not really looking for trades.

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