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Fake jvc-fx3x pictures

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A buddy of mine picked up some JVC-fx3x 's off of eBay that were marketed as genuine.
As soon as they arrived we compared them to a reputable store bought pair and the difference was apparent. The packaging is so accurate its spooky, the only way you could tell the difference was the uneven card placement. Pictures of the phones themselves reveal a rough aluminum ring in the fakes, versus a shiny, well polished ring on the genuine pair, as shown in pictures. Sorry for poor quality pics but we did not wish to open the packages as they were being returned.

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Good job Thank you. Which store you bought the fakes if you can say it ?

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Purchased the genuine set at Futureshop, as soon as the copies are returned I will post the seller of the knock offs if the moderator permits, don't want to create any problems for my friend til they are out of his hands. It was however, an eBay dealer out of china, which I am sure gives some perspective.
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Thanks again for your time and input.

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If i may bother you with another question : At yours on  the mini jack says china  or not ?

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Ok here is seller:

If this is not appropriate, moderator please let me know. They are being advertised as JVC.
There are other headphones available by seller but I cannot attest to their legitimacy.

The genuine pair DO have China printed on the stereo jack. Hope this helps. smily_headphones1.gif
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Ok thank you very much you ve been very helpfull.

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You can still open them and return them. You might not even need to return them, ebay will rule in your favor against counterfeits.


Knowing that, see what they sound like.  Know also that they can be found for $13 on aliexpress.

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I bought mine from a uk seller at a great price with free shipping. Only by the price i was convinced that they were fakes. The sound  was  so  great  that it  belong to a much more expensive phones. I  also thought that  they were  made in japan. But looking  at your photos and you told me that the original   had the china too im pretty sure now that  they are 100% original. 

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Yes I'm really pleased with them. If they sound strong and full I'm guessing you have genuines. The knock offs have a much rougher look to them, really slapped together. I wasn't expecting much, and fit is not the most comfortable (barrel shape) but I was pleasantly surprised with SQ. Definitely bass oriented, but mid's and highs are well defined and don't seem too overwhelmed. The eartips are terrible so they benefit hugely from a higher quality set of eartips.
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Do you have any suggestion where to  find some good eartips for 10mm  ?

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You know I really don't. Some people have had great luck with "complys". Myself i just dig around cheap stuff and once in a while you will find tips of a higher density rubber, or fatter diameter, deeper, mounting flange. Just gotta poke around and keep an eye to cheapie sets with somewhat better tips. I am using a set off of the creative ep-630, which just seem to seal better, which is really the goal I guess
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Hey :) 

I have bought some hafx3x from some seller on eBay, and I am a bit worried if they are fake.... so I red your post, an I wondered witch are the real and the fake on the two pictures on the bottom?


In advance, thx :)


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Genuine are pics on left, copies on right
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