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I really enjoy these things.

Often times when I buy a pair of in ears that I pay over 100 for I am quick to try and point out flaws rather than appreciate what's good. I'll share both.

Negatives: For my personal taste these are a little bright. At times it seems that the armature drivers are in front of the dynamic.

Positives: Let me start by saying these are awesome and the only reason I would point out any negative aspect is because I paid a lot of money for them in search of audio nirvana. Unfortunately these don't yet exist (at least I haven't bought them or been able to afford them or experience them yet) but these are pretty epic. The build is fantastic. It has good bass that's not to punchy and has a nice low end. These are extremely detailed and the separation of different sounds is excellent. I don't own a set of in ears that makes rock music sound as good, or as detailed as these do. The instruments sound like they should. Guitars sound great, and drums sound like, well, drums.

The DN1000 responds well to amplification and eq adjustment, so if anything bothers you with their signature they are easily adjustable to achieve the sound you desire. I really enjoy mine with my fiio e18 amp/dac, as it is gives them a warmer sound and, mellows out the highs while giving the low end a nice bump.

I am not an audiophile by any means. I'm just a guy that likes to hear his music sound good. I really enjoy them and definitely don't regret my purchase.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps in your search of audio bliss.
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Thanks for all of the impressions - I've ordered a pair and can't wait to try them!
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Originally Posted by juppal View Post

Thanks for all of the impressions - I've ordered a pair and can't wait to try them!
I'm telling you now, take your time dinking around with the sound rings (and don't lose them or drop them) and make sure you get a good seal on them. I started to get discouraged messing around with the tips and rings, but once I found the right setup it was well worth the time and frustration.

Enjoy them, I'm sure you will.
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Originally Posted by juppal View Post

I've been trying to decide between these and the JVC ha-fx750 and since the fx750 are so new haven't been able to get a good comparison... but now I can get these for $160 so I'm thinking I will go ahead with the purchase.


Mark - have you tried the fx750's?  If so what are your thoughts about the sound between the two?



hey, no ive got the FX-500's (supposedly the same thing as the 1000 too) sooo not really the same comparison.  i think the 750 was supposed to be bassier than the 500 but its casting the mind back a bit.



still i suppose its all moot as you ordered a dn-1000 anyway, lol enjoy.  they are really good and feel free to come back and say what you make of them.

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I just got my DN2000 and it sounds AMAZING! Transparent sound and very clear details. Bass is not as good as my IE8 but much better than my W40 and TF10. Now I listen to DN2000 everyday and I can't get it off!

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