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Where to start?!

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Hello all I'm new to this forum if it already isn't visible.


Pretty much I'm a new wannabe audiophile. I loved the change in audio quality when I went from cheap 20$ iPhone headphones to my Beats (Bash away, I know it's not good value for the price but I got it as a gift from my girlfriend and I thought they were great, which by the way they are).


Since then I became obessed with buying headphones. I would like to know where to start to gain more knowledge on the subject. During my next so called "work term" (In university atm), I would like to purchase a great pair of headphones. 


I've dabbled in FLAC files vs MP3 but with my current headphones I don't think I can tell the difference and the beats just have over powering bass. 


My goal in the long run is to have more general knowledge about headphones and what makes a pair good, as well as how to get the most from my audio as I love my music (well anything but country, hardcore rap and heavy metal). 


I would also like to pick up a great pair of headphones that I can use at home, price is no issue. Well I can go up to about 1500$. (Couple people recommending the 800 HD??)

And for my travel headphones I recently picked up a pair of Bose AE2w headphones and I love them.


For gaming I have PLYR 2 from SkullCandy which are excellent IMO. 


So yeah, thank you for reading this :)

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You need to tell us what will be driving these cans and your preferred sound signature--just for starters.

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I like bass but not to the point where it over powers everything. I also like listening to jazz and some classical music. I also like house, electronic and dub step (once in a while). 


I'm not exactly sure by what you mean about "driving" my headphones? 

I just started looking around on this forum and need to become just more experienced in this environment.

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What is powering your headphones?  If it is only a portable device or laptop computer with on board sound, that limits your options.  A number of cans need amping--and those sources "driving" them just don't do that.

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Oh, okay I see what you mean.

Sorry for the late reply, midterms and all are keeping me busy.


Most likely for the time being until I get more information on things like Portable Amplifiers and Desktop Amplifiers I'll be sticking with general laptop and iPhone music. 


Currently as I said I have my Studio Beats, Bose AE2w (Which I use for when I'm out of the house), and SkullCandy Mix Masters (Which I find don't cover my ears and kinda are open at the bottom?). I also have a pair of sports headphones that I use when I'm at the gym but I don't care about quality when I'm working out.


Thanks for the help.

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If you want to reach undisputed audiophile class for the smallest expenditure and greatest value, the HE 500 is your can.  It's currently $629 and 10% off here:


The HE 500 givens you full, extended and tight bass, but not at the expense of unbalancing the rest of the frequency range.


For a more colored and bass oriented can in this class, the LCD-2 is your ticket for a few $100 more.


Both are orthos and need decent amps.  Absolute minimum would be something like the Schiit Magni.


Of course on-board computer audio and/or the iPhone will not do them justice.  You will additionally need a quality DAC (or a quality CD player with a quality DAC, etc.).

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I'd take the Grado RS-1i into consideration as well. It was my first pair of "proper" headphones after a pair of Beats Studio, and I never went back. It's good for hard-hitting songs with its forward and bright presentation. Bass is aplenty as well, so I'm sure that you will have no qualms switching over from the (usually) bass-heavy Beats.
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i prefer the sennheiser hd 650 over the hd 800 because the hd 650 has a warmer sound while the hd 800 has a more natural sound without many bass. the hd 650 is my first real headset after a beats wireless (horrible mistake :() and its a HUGE improvement, a way more natural sound and it fits all kinds of music (and doesn't break :D)

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