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Monster DNA in-ear?

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The Monster DNA in-ear are $69 on amazon right now ( The white apple control talk one) and wondering is it worth the price? There isn't much reviews of them and wondering are they better then monster's previous earphones made for Beats by dre ( The tours and ibeats)
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what with Dr Dre leaving the company, I'd expect that there'd be improvements, when the ceo was interviewed, he was showing off the vektr and tears and he thinks they're better, and so far they've had mixed reviews... I know skullcandy have upped their game a lot, it used to be just the aviators that were competitive, but now the newer edition of hesh seems to have improved, I haven't tested out many other models so I can't vouch for all of them, and maybe monster is copying the trend, the other day I did actually see it in the sponsor's window at the bottom of the page, hope this helps :)

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I would say that these DNA in-ear headphones are more well-rounded in other genres. Like their headphones, the Tours are more geared towards rap and hip-hop. The iBeats however, are just plain sucky. They break so easily. I just bought these DNA earphones last night from Best Buy (Black Friday price was $49.99) and they're pretty good for their price, especially if you listen to a multitude of genres.
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if it isn't too much trouble, could you write a review?

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+1 on the review i have the same situation here. i really need an opinion asap because of its Black Friday price. 

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there'll be other black fridays though...

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but still I agree

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I'm new to Head-Fi. Is there a page that you write the review on or do I just write the review on this thread?
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So basically, I spent a few hours with these bad boys yesterday and this is my thought of it.

Design: Seems to be made of plastic. Pretty good build quality. Really like the fact that it has the triangle thing like the DNA headphones.

Comfort: Pretty light (not that I have heavy earphones- I'm only 14). Comes with a pack with quite a few eartips. At first, they weren't comfy and kept falling out, but then I found the pack of eartips and I adjusted them to my liking.

Durability/Portability: Feel they should last a good while, not sure yet. Comes with a pretty nifty case.

Sound Quality: I listen to a lot of different genres, predominantly EDM.
Songs I tested out:

Coldplay - Paradise: An alright experience. Vocals were a bit muffled, Instruments too. Clearer than iBeats, though, I'll give you that. Could be louder.

Eminem - Berzerk: Bass was adequate. Could understand Eminem's every word, except when he raps incredibly fast. Mids were filling. A little too much treble, but it didn't bother me too much. Could be louder.

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Hardwell Edit): This is where they shine, if you ask me. Bass is superb. Very Clear. Whatever sounds they use in the song, you can hear. ASTOUNDING CLARITY. Could be louder.

In short: Very clear. Bass is pretty good and tight, but not overwhelming in any way. Treble is slightly increased. Mids are laid back, not as filling as I would want, but still doesn't bother me. So are they worth it? For their asking price ($99.99), HELL NO. For the black Friday price (49.99$), Probably, if you get a protection plan. Thanks for reading. Im in no way an audiophile, so if you want, you can take my review with a grain of salt. This is my opinion, however.
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probably not for me then , but cheers for reviewing :) by the way, reviews go on the page of the product 

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Thanks for your review dude. Probably gonna pickup the monster gratitudes instead.
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Cool stuff guys. I initially wanted the turbines but they weren't at the best buy I went to.
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I just bought those Monster DNA today, along with the JVC HA-FX3X. The DNA are very bad : loose bass all over the place, very recessed midrange and ackward denatured bizarre treble ! The JVC FX3X on the other hand, are a fun beast : they have that kind of sound that, while not neutral at all, is very fun to listen to. For an extra bass earphone, they have a balanced sound. Music is actually very enjoyable throught the JVC.


With the Monster DNA, you have a very dark, muffled sound with no details, yuk ! A few years ago, I tried the Monster Turbine and was really impressed by the sound, but the fit was poor. I can't believe the DNA come out from the same company, with this botched sound.


But my best overall sounding earphone, with accurate bass, midrange and treble, is the Monoprice 9927 at 7,65$ - sometimes life has no sense with things like that...

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You probably know better, I'm not an audiophile at all, I'm simply an average consumer, trying to contribute to the world of audio. biggrin.gif
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Just picked these up for a great price and have to say I'm quite suprised by the look and sound of these things. My first Monster IEM. They are slightly big like Sony XB60EX but caution is needed not to push it too far inside the ear canal otherwise you're gonna yell in pain. The moment I put it on, it blocked the outside world (isolation was far superior than any passive ear cushion I ever used).

The sound was not to bassy and sounds excellent with electronic music.

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