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Help me choose

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I had vsonic gr02be but I sold them and I want to buy something else. I listened to vsonic gr07be, vsd1, t-peos h-100, rock-it sound r-50, sony xba-3, xba-4, hifiman re-400, shure 215 but most of all I liked the sony xba-3. There is a small problem they have little sub bass region and since I love electronic bass music it will be a little miss for me but detail of music is very impressed to me. Advise what to do?

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I really liked the Shure SE215 and would of kept them if the cable wasn't very thick but i loved the Sound quality and bass quality and for $100 you cant go wrong with those

As far as the Sony XBA line goes for value don't even bother looking at the Sony XBA-4 because the XBA-3 is the best out of the two at a value wise. I tried the XBA -2 and they sounded pretty good but i prefer Dynamic drivers for more bass then BA type IEM's
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Yamaha's EPH-100 have nice sub-bass and detailed presentation.


Best Luck!

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