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Wanted: **Speaker taps cable for he-4**

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**Speaker taps cable for he-4**

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to run my he-4 from speaker taps and wondered if someone had this for sale or might be interested in making one.



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Hi, saw this yesterday and planned on responding today to note that I was also in the hunt for the same solution.  It seems you've closed the listing, so I was wondering if the solution/source you found was a one-off or if you could recommend a product.



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Jergpads on the he-6 with bass vent mod...hmmm

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I've been looking in to getting a Hifiman speaker taps adapter, and Brian at BTG Audio is someone to check out. His website has a lot of reasonably priced choices, and I understand he can do custom too. He has XLR -> banana adapters for like $40, plus custom cables terminated in banana. 

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I used the stock HE-400 cable to connect to an Emotiva mini-X. Just clipped the plug off, confirmed the wiring with a MM, and attached the cable directly to the great, I'll probably solder the cable to banana plugs later. The stock cable is Canare, quality is quite adequate and can be bought from HiFiman directly for $60. GL.

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