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Ruark MR1, are they for me?

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I have been a happy owner of a pair of Audioengine A2's for almost 4 years, but they recently died and I need a new pair of speakers.


I'm not really sure what I want, and a set of passive speakers with an amp are not out of the question at all, but a small package similar to the A2's do appeal to me a lot, as I'm limited in space.


My budget is about £300, and I really like what I read about the Ruark MR1, but the Audioengine A5+ do seem like a good alternative too.



£300, what to do?

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Well, if you want to go passive, get a Topping TP21 for an amp. Wharfedale has recently updated their Diamond series (which always gets good reviews). The Diamond 121 is worth looking into. Or how about the Dali Zensor 1? Then based on what they cost here in the US, this looks to be an amazing price on the Focal Chorus 705v.
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I've had the Ruark MR1s for a couple of weeks.  They are truly amazing desktop speakers that offer audiophile quality sound.  The fact that these have apt x Bluetooth onboard allows integration with modern devices without any discernible loss in music quality  (i.e. smart phones).  If you don't care for wireless technology...a direct line input source is located on the back of the right speaker (along with a sub woofer jack) .  The fit, finish, and small form factor on these are impeccable...with modest weight (for easy portability).  These speakers shine on acoustic tracks...and don't shy away from mid tones.  The bottom end exists...it doesn't overwhelm the listening environment.  Note:  If you're seeking deep bass you may want to factor in the additional cost of adding a sub.  I supplemented my desktop set up with an Orb Audio Sub One (walnut finish).  I honestly don't think it's necessary to purchase a sub for a desk top application...but the option is there for those seeking it.  The best way for me to sum up my listening experience...the Ruark MR1s are an acquired taste...the more you listen...the more you want to listen. :happy_face1:  

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