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Work out iem

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Looking for a durable pair of iems with a less tangly cord. Sound quality has to be good but not necessarily great.

Currently I am using some monoprice iems. They sound good and are really cheap (sub $5). However they are kinda microphonic and super tangly wires. Too early to tell about longevity. The tangly wires are infuriating.

Yes, first world issue.

Recommendations on new headphones or how to tangle less?

Would need a straight connection to fit iphone with case.
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Looking The same, sub £30-40.

Seen the soundmagics but don't know how durable they are...
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Soundmagics are very durable. I used the PL30 for my yard work iem for 2 years before giving it to a relative. Now using the E10 for around a year- sound quality and durability are awesome. My only complaint is the cable is a bit plasticky feeling.

Aside from soundmagic, the Brainwavz Delta should also be considered. Excellent build quality all the way around.
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Cheers, will look at the brainwaves, it is hard to IG ore the rave reviews on the sound magics lol.

Not gonna be up to my KRK studio Headphones but should be fine for sport HAHa..
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Oh sorry liver for the thread hijack....
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Nah. It's for the same goal. I saw a couple of pictures and they all have a 90 degree jack. Just will not fit in an iphone in a case.
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Soundmagics usually have a straight jack and the delta is angled. However many new angled jacks will fit a case now. I'll check on my delta later to see.
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I require the mophie battery case. It's pretty deep for a right angle.
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Never used a battery case. Both of these fit regular cases. Straight e10 and angled delta.

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I use my Shure SE215's with the flange tips....very little microphonics, and good enough sound for a workout.  The cable has been durable for me, no issues with anything not working yet.  I pair them with a Sansa clip+

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For the gym I'm still liking the Brainwavz R1, I think it's a solid value for $40, it's definitely more durable than it looks and the cord doesn't tangle too badly.  It does have a right angled jack.

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