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Coincident Dynamo 34SE

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Has anyone heard this with headphones?



For those on a budget but who still demand top flight sonics and build quality, the Dynamo will prove to be a revelation. Single ended triode tube sound that belies its 8 watt power rating. Any 90 db sensitivity speaker can be powered with startling clarity and dynamics. Build quality not seen at twice the price. Perfect for those who want a simple compact set up or as a second system where true musicality is insisted upon. Hard to believe that this much performance and quality can be had for $1299. Volume control obviates the need for a line stage since it permits direct connection to a CD player or DAC.

Single Ended EL 34 output- 
8 watts per channel
6SL7 input/driver tube,
Auto Bias
5U4 GB rectifier tube
All hard wired
Stainless steel mirror finish chassis
Output impedance : 4, 8 ohms
Voltage selectable: 115V/230V
Frequency response: 20 hz- 20khz- flat
Sensitivity: 300 mv full output
Input impedance : 100K ohms
S/N Ratio- 88 db 
Weight: 22 lbs
Price : $1299 US.

The Turbo also serves as a state of the art headphone amp. A convenient front panel headphone jack is included. Output impedance is a standard 300 ohms.

Both stereo integrated amplifiers will offer breakthrough performance for the price. Highest value available in all of high end.

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+1 interested in impressions driving speakers as weml
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Hi, I'm not sure if you are still interested to know about this amp. 2 months ago I bought this amp, didn't spend much time with headphones though, but mostly used with speakers. Based on the speaker listening, it's an excellent amp. The sound is very natural, no digital harshness, I can say more in to warmer side. The presentation is little bit laid back and relaxing, throw a huge sound stage. The most noticeable thing is bass, bass is amazing, hard to believe you can get such an impact full, punchy bass from only 8 watts. It's definitely go deeper and pronounce than my Peachtree Audio Nova, it could have been bit tighter/faster though, but the amp is not fully broken in yet (less than 50 hours). Vocals are lush and beautiful, most natural vocals I've ever heard up to date. Treble is very details, it really shine my Swans T900 isodynamic ribbon tweeter. Generally I enjoy the presentation a lot, it's a very transparent but a musical amp. I own the Decware Super Zen amp as well, Super Zen is more transparent, more detailed and very fast compared to the Dynamo 34SE, but I enjoy Dynamo 34SE more with most of the music. 


About headphones I can't tell much about, I've listened with Audio Technica ATH-M50 few times, but this amp prefer a high impedance headphone as suggested. My headphone listening is not as good as expected, specially compared to how it perform with speakers, may be due to the impedance mismatching. Bass is bit boomy (I believe ATH M50 is already a bass heavy headphone), seems too much bass cover the macro and micro details. But as a speaker amp, I can't recommend this amp highly enough, superb.

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Thanks for sharing your experience with this amp! It sounds like a good match for high-impedance phones. I'll see if I can get a hold of one to try out.

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