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Cable type for headphones

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I've been looking at a number of threads where folks talk about cable types other than one that came with headphones.


Are the cables that come with headphones inadequate and don't produce enough sound? (I am unfamiliar with this so bear with me)

Is it a look thing? Or a means to get longer or coiled cable with no impact on output of sound?


If someone could shed some light on that for me, it would be greatly appreciated as I am still hunting for my first pair of 'phones and need to know if I should factor that in to my budget.




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Making a custom headphone cable will at least do a few things for you, using quad microphone cable. (Mogami or Canare brand)

You can make the cable to whatever length you want.

You can just use whatever plug looks good to you and have the option of using a 3.5mm or 6.3mm plug.

You can get separate grounding wires.

Improved shielding.

Add a nice branded nylon covering.


How much, if any, audio quality improvement there is, is still debated.

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Cool! Appreciate the clarification. I may save the cable making for later and see what differences, if any, there may be. :L3000:

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