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Lighting & Sound America reviews the Ultimate Ears UE-7 Pro

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Mark Johnson from Light & Sound just featured the UE-7's in a three page spread, and the piece was also teased on the magazine's cover. His review captures his experience from start to finish, including his fitting appointment, unboxing, audio testing, and UE’s superb customer service. He concludes that the UE 7 Pros are a very solid product, “made even better by the service that UE provides."


This postscript says it all:



Now I know that the 7 isn't the model of choice for audiophiles—its sound signature really suits live stage performance— but I know a few of you who have bought them. Would love to hear your thoughts about the 7's for head-fiers in this thread.

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^Hi Mike,


After being a Head-Fier with <all> the demos for a few months now, I've been able to listen to the models without pressure (and under lots of different conditions). 


The UE7 as well as the UE4 still stand out to me and I recommend them whenever I can.  I know that "top of the line" can be alluring sometimes but these monitors are worth a listen and worth getting.  (I don't like the UE5 as much, for some reason they are not quite as "clear" sounding to me...)


I call the UE4 "Baby UERM" and say the UE7 is "also fast and clean like the UERM but with more warmth" and a touch thicker presentation. The UE7 are great all-rounders and aren't peaky or recessed seeming in any area. I would be happy if I only had one of the UE4, UE7, or UERM for my tastes.  I keep trying to find a reason to "need" another pair with a different signature, LOL.


At RMAF this past weekend, a Head-Fier that listened to the demos (on several occasions through the course of the weekend) chose the UE7. That was my first show on the other side of the table and I found it best to help based on preferred sound signature and presentation. They are all tuned differently.  Start with the UERM, then go a bit warmer with the UE7.  Need more bass and a bit of thump? UE11.  Even more warmth than the UE7 and "smoother"? UE18.  Have to tune your own? PRM.  Easiest way for me to explain it.


Sorry for the treatise on all the models here in your thread, but the past weekend helped solidify my thoughts on the differences and the best fit (sound-wise) won't always be the most expensive or have the most drivers. IMHO, YMMV, etc. 


May everyone find their sound...


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Sorry if I cant give too many details, my brain went into overload with all the gear I listened to during the weekend.  Also, remember that these are custom IEMS made into Universals for demo purposes so YMMV.

But here goes,

I listened to the UE4 on up to the UE18.  The UE4's were OK but not enough bass or detail for me.  The UE11's had too much bass for me on my rig and the rig they had at their table. I didn't particularly care for the UE18's as I remember they didn't sound quite right to me (at least not what I was looking for).  The UE7's had the right mix of bass and highs, and nice soundstage, they matched what I was looking for, so I bought them.


The other thing I really was impressed with was patience and friendly attitude of the UE guys at the table.   They were extremely patient as I went back and forth between the different models.  Even let me come by and listen on my own rig after hours to get some quiet time away from then CanJam room noise.  The after sale experience so far has been great ,too.  I had a few calls and emails from CEE TEE to ensure I am getting exactly what I want, (changed a few things already since the order and he had no problems with it).


I expect to get the final product in about four weeks I would think.  I Will be able to give an update on them when they get here.


By the end of the weekend my ears were raw from all the demoing I did (I was also listening to JHAudio, RHA, and a few others).  The audiologist for UE said I should not stick anything in my ears for at least a week to let them rest. Heh...

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