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New here and looking for a good in ear headphone

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Hello My name is Dave and im new here, I just signed up because in the last 2 weeks im searching for a new headphone. Im looking for a good in ear headphone that is around 100 - 150 euro.


Im going to use it with my S3 (android).


One mayor specification im looking for is that the headphone is good in isolating sounds from the outside world when im in the train or noisy environments.


My music of choice would be, instrumental, hip hop, bass drum, trance, rap and just songs from the radio. So im not into classic or jazz.


Would be nice to have a remote to skip to the next song and the volume and maybe a mic but thats not my main interest, I rather have a beter sound quality for the same price then one with all of that.


I did some searching on my own and first I wanted to buy the Shure SE215 but I have glasses so they wont feel comfortable im afraid.


So I hope someone could advise me which one would match my preferences.

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You can also read about Vsonic Gr07 and Rockit R50.

Best Luck!
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The over-ears style is definitely iffy with glasses, having had some people close to me whine to no end about this. I can't say much as I never wear mine while listening to anything.


That being said, you've listed out genres. That doesn't really tell us how you'd like them presented. It doesn't really tell much about how you want them to sound at all, really. It's a very vague quality, and the answers you get as a result will be extremely skewed towards the preference of one person to the other. 


For example - the typical stereotype for a person who partakes in rap/hip-hop/electronic is that they would want more bass. Well, would you really want that in this case? How about the other qualities of the bass? Do you want them to be punchy and tight - or do you want them to be focused on texture?


And if you're bamboozled with using audio terms - you needn't be. Just by describing the sound the way that you can, and being specific about it, can yield better, more specific results from your audience. No need for jargon.


To sum what you've stated as wanting - good isolation, comfort that takes into account glasses, and possibly a mic/remote, all under 150 euros - now you just need to specify on the sound and you'll be all set.

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I can confirm the trouble with the SE215 with eyeglasses. However, I think the main issue is the thick memory wire hooks, not the over-the-ear style. I use the Westone over-the-ear and it's only if I need a haircut that I have any issues. biggrin.gif I really, really dislike that d@mn memory wire on the SE215. I'll never buy another IEM with built-in memory wire.
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One could go with swapping the channels on the earpieces, and wearing them upside down, right earpiece to the left, and etc. Problem is that you'd have to have a DAP that can either do that, or an adapter  (to RCA, cross the two, etc), so....

I do it on my Westones out of novelty and it works fairly well. It's a fun idea, but not really worth exploring when you can just get another set. Plus the bulk.

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