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Hello everyone,
First, forgive my English, I'm Italian. 
After years of loyal service I have to replace my beloved Yuin Ok2.

I tried in the past month several types of headphones: 

- HiFiMan Re-400 very microphonic and, when I walk, footsteps echoing in my head <- (I had this "problem" in past with a IEM Denon...probably is a generic effect of the IEMs on me);

- JVC HA-S500B...muddy sound, unrefined imho;

- Sennheiser MX-985...too much bass that fatigue my listenings and that cover mids & highs; some recordings sound very bad with them (e.g. Husker Du - Zen Arcade, Jesus Lizard - Goat...).

My listenings ranging from classical to metal, through the new-age and jazz (I'm a musical omnivore), so I need a good all-rounder.

Currently my dap is an indestructible Sansa Clip; in the near future, unless Sandisk will not produce a Sansa 24/96, I'll go on something like Ibasso dx50.

I was thinking of buy back the Ok2 or replacing with the PK1 (more or less the same price, but no idea how PK1 sound).

Any suggestions? :D