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help with setup

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Hello all, I'm looking for help with my setup. I use my setup for a 20/80 mix of music and gaming. Currently, I am using onboard sound with a logitech z2300 and/or ad700/mth-50. I will be purchasing a microphone for gaming and voip. Basically, listening to music on my computer isnt all that great. The cheaper the better, but my budget would be anywhere up to around $300(for mic,soundcard?, or anything else needed), maybe more if it's worth it. I am pretty clueless when it comes to computer audio. I'm pretty much set to purchase a blue yeti(possibly modmic) for my microphone, but if there are any suggestions then I'm happy to listen. For gaming, I would need good soundstage, as I play mostly FPS games like counter-strike. As for music, well, I would like it to at least sound as good if not better than listening to music with my s9/dac/amp setup. I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance...

doing some reading/researching... looking at ht omega claro halo, xfi titanium, xonar essence. also gonna watch movies from my computer and would love to upgrade from z2300 in the near future

scratch out the blue yeti mic, i just ordered the dealxtreme mic i found on these forums for $2 and change, now I have added $100 to my budget
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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250-Ohm, $155.

Creative Sound Blaster Z (SB1500), $100.

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