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Another gaming headphone thread plus question about open back headphones.

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Hey guys, sorry to ask what seems to be a very poplar question on these boards but I could really use some help here.


To start out, Im looking for some new headphones or headset for pc gaming as well as for music/movies etc.


Im currently running a Sound Blaster Live Z card and will be playing primarily FPS games. I am fairly competitive but I think Immersion might be a bit more important to me.

I've never really owned any audiophile grade headphones so I have very limited experience with those. What I do own are:

1. Monoprice 8323 headphones which I think are pretty good for movies/music. 

2. Klipsch S4i which I use with my Iphone mostly for music. I really like them, best earphones I've ever used.

3. Sharkoon xtatic 5.1 digital Bought these primarily to use on my ps3 but since I switched over to pc I've been using them with dolby digital live on my sound blaster live z and they're ok but I have grown to expect more. And the sound control unit has also started to act up so it's time for a change.After much research I've come to the conclusion that a good analog headphot/set will probably outperform my current headset easily.


My budget is $200-$250 and I've gone through mad lust's guide and have been hovering over a few choices.

1. Astro A40, this was my original choice before reading up on these forums but I'm leaning towards something else currently.

2. Sennheiser PC360

3. Sennheiser HD 598

4. Sennheiser HD 558 (any big difference between 558 and 598?)

5. Philips Fidelio X1 


The Philips are a little bit more than what I want to spend but they seem to be a good mix of what I'm looking for. How do they compare to the Sennheisers as far as positional audio?


Also 1 last question. If you guys look at my current headset, would you qualify it as an open back headset? It looks like it to me but Im not sure since its not mentioned in the specs. I just wanna know how the sound leakage of the above mentioned cans will compare since they are all open back cans. My pc is in my bedroom where my wife and baby sleep so overly loud leaking can be a problem, but if it's comparable to the sharkoons, it should be ok. Also, if leakage is a major issue for wearing in public, I'd be tempted to spend less on the gaming headset and just get another closed end pair later on.


Help me out guys!

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Sennheiser HD558, $130, same driver as HD598, just difference cup design.


Creative has the newer Sound Blaster Z and there is an older Sound Blaster Live sound card.

I'm assuming you have the newer Z card?

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If you are able to use open cans you should check out the sony ma 900s as well. Everybody raves about them, and they will leave you enough room in your budget to pick up a good clip on mic. 


If sound leakage is a problem, you might be stuck with closed cans, or some semi opens cans. 

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Yea I have the newer Z's

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Yea I think I'll be fine with open cans, I looked at the Ma 900's but those look like they leak out ALLOT due to their particular design, they also look very fragile and I also find them atrocious lol. Looks ofcourse are not the most important but if I can spend a bit more and get something that looks nice and is better made, I'll go with that.

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