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Asus 3-in-1 'audiophile grade USB DAC'

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It seems that Asus is going to compete in the 'audiophile grade USB DAC' with the Essence III. Details are yet to emerge, but the article said "this doesn’t sound like a cheap device".




Source: http://www.slashgear.com/asus-essence-iii-preamp-rocks-audiophile-grade-usb-dac-17301837/

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Balanced operation with 2 mini XLR sockets AND an analog input (most digital DAC/amp units are missing this option).


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Dual mini-xlr (I'm guessing 3-pin?) for balanced operation seems like a really strange choice.

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I know the article says mini-xlr but those 3-pin XLR's look full size to me. Nevermind, I now see those tiny little mini-xlr's on the front.

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I think the mini-XLRs are on the front...

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Yep, you're right. They were so small I didn't see them until I clicked on the image to see the blow-up. That really is a bad move on their part. They should have gone with a 4-pin full size female xlr but if they had to do a mini it should have been a single 4-pin mini-xlr.

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It's such a strange decision. I don't know of any other amps that have dual mini-xlr3 on the front.

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I sure wonder what the price will be,


It Looks interesting so do the specifications. Lets hope it sounds as good as claimed.




Found a link to a hungarian website with some more info, unless you can read hungarian It'll be Google Translate .



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+1 for the output selector switch for PC crowd who often toggle between speakers and headphones depending on the activity

just like the audinst mx1 and 2

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