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XBA-40 + AMP (Which one ?)

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I recently returned the XB-90EX, which had an amazing bass but so so sound quality, and then purchased the XBA-40 from amazon.


However, now I got them and they sound good but not what I expected for a $235 headphones.


I think it is because of my phone, Galaxy Note 1 N7000, so I was wondering of what kind of AMP I should pair it with ?


I plugged it into my brother's IPhone 5 and the sound is just like 10x better. So I wanted it to sound like the Iphone 5 or at least close to it.


What I did is I went to Amazon and purchased the Fiio E11.


Did I make the right choice ? Will I notice any difference ? What setting I should use the Fioo E11 on ?


Thank you.

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Please help ? I can still cancel the order; that is why I am needing the help ASAP.


Thank you.

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E11 is a decent amp, but there's a lot more to the different sound you're hearing between the two sources, such as their output power, output impedance and DAC each one use. Your XBA-40 are 8ohms and require a source with very low output impedance . E11 does have low output impedance, but you don't need that much power. You'd also be double amping from the Galaxy Note headphone out which is a completely different story. I would recommend canceling and look at the little Sansa Clip+ or Zip players which get high praise here and also cheaper than E11.

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The problem is that I am using Spotify as my source of music. I have 0 mp3 music. all my music is through Spotify which can not be used on MP3 devices....


So my question now is: Will adding the Fiio E11 be a bad choice and make the sound bad ?

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Well at 8ohms you really don't need that much power, you can try amping them and see the results, it may possibly clean up the signal but I can't promise it'll be an improvement. I know of another amp which you might want to look at, but it cost a little more than E11, a majority of people who came from E11 upgraded to C&C BH, I've used BH on XBA3 with good results. You can check it out in the link below.

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LOL I went to cancel my order from Amazon and it told me that I can't cancel it :D


I will return it, sell my phone, and buy Sony Xperia Z.


Will the Sony Xperia Z have a better sound you think than the Galaxy Note 1 ?



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I use a Sony F807 and a Galaxy Note2 (Wolfson) with my XBA-4, without sound treatment the F807 sound much better than the Note2, where the sound is too bright and definitely lack bass. But using a free DSP software like Noozxoide on the Note2 to increase the bass and the soundstage, the result is not to bad at all and surprisingly good to my ears

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Well, I just got the Fioo e11 and there is HUGE improvement. The bass is awesome now and it's brighter. I don't know if I am using the correct setting on the Fioo e11 but I chose to put gain on Hi and EQ on 1.


When I put the gain on Lo then it would be dark. But if on Hi it is slightly brighter. And the EQ on 1 bring the BASS to life.


Thank you all.

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Hi, I own an xba 40, fiio e11 and an xperia z1... but the sound quality inst so good... so what is the best amp/dac for the xba 40?? Is the sony pha 1 good to drive these in-ears??
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