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Sorry, I fell out of the internet over the past while, so didn't get to respond to this.


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Thanks for the response. Beyond frequency response similarities, I would rather the mids and the upper ends of said IEM to be a bit more smoother than the M50s, or slightly more laid back, with a treble with similar sparkle to the M50 and HD25, if not a little less. Although I said I wanted a typical V-shape response, I do want the mids to retain clear and not muddled without much bass leaking through. That being said, I don't really ask for much in the bass department; I just want a slight, noticeable punch (a-la HD25) while still remaining controlled and not boomy. I do realize I'm asking for a lot in a sub-$150 IEM, so sacrificing some of these qualities isn't beyond me.


I've been looking into the Shure SE215 and Etymotic HF5, would these fit these qualities well? I have a feeling I'm going to get recommended the TF10 a lot; I've already owned the TF10 for a while before deciding to let go of it, and the sound was a little dark to me for a reference point. I didn't mind it, but a slightly brighter sound would be preferrable.


Thanks in advance.

Perhaps you might even want to look at the FXD70 - I've heard things about it being similar but having less bass - something that's always welcome - of course having not heard it myself...take with a grain of salt (actually you might want to ask @waynes world about it, I seem to remember him having them. 


But, seems like you'll be wanting something more subdued than I expected at first. The Shures might be a bit too dark for you overall (has a slight boost but overall the treble is a bit dampened). The HF5 might not have enough weight down below if you're still using the HD25 as reference for that. 


Something that people don't often bring up as much anymore that might fit the criteria for a slightly boosted punch, clear mids, and treble that stays smooth but has a bit of sparkle - the Q-Jays. I'm sure people will bring up the MA750, or R3, or something else that's new (and unfortunately I've not heard of so no comment there), but the Q-Jays were tried-and-true.