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Headphone / speaker similarity thread!

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Just wondering what some of the speaker equivalents would be for speakers and headphones; you know, which are similar in cost, design, sound signature, looks, etc.  For example, Grados headphones & Klipsh speakers could be said to be similar as both are quite efficient and are many say both have bright/harsh sound. I don't know either to give specific models, but the more detailed the better!  Pictures are bonus!


I'd start by maybe comparing the AKG Q701s to Ascend towers:





- Just about the sweet spot for price, not so cheap as to seriously compromise performance, but not stupidly expensive either.  Just the right price for serious 'affordable' gear!

- Excellent price/performance ratio.

- They both aim for a neutral sound; balanced sound from top to bottom, without an emphasis in any frequency.  Both more about resolution, detailed, natural sound.

- None are really bass monsters (neither strive to be) but both have good solid bass

- Mids/highs, again, both very solid, just I think, similar sound signature...

- Both seem to based on performance.  No fancy bells and whistles, just no frills solid performers!

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And on the other spectrum: 


Monster Beats and  BOSE Acoustimas speakers




- They're both highly popular due to their advertisement and brand name

- Neither have very good price/performance ratio

- They both seem to be popular for people who are more about looks than actual performance

- Neither are very good

- Both draw funny looks and chuckles from those in the know 




Very curious to see what other headphone/speakers others come up with!!!  :D

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