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Noob needs help choosing headphone

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Hello everyone!
My name is Tim and I live in Belgium, eh Europe that is. I have no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to headphones. I have read some articles on on-ear vs over-ear and heard a lot that the Beats series are overpriced, that sums it. I also read a lot of reviews and the list below is mainly based on the experience of others.

I am looking for headphones with a fair amount of bass, without it being disturbing... I mainly listen to Techno, House and Hip-Hop. Comfort is pretty important to me, i do not like to have fat, heavy headphones on my head (pretty sensitive to headaches). I will use them on my laptop (Beats soundcard) and iphone

I made the following list (suggestions on other models are very, very welcome).

Grado Prestige Series SR80i


V-MODA Crossfade M-80 (on ear)


V-MODA Crossfade LP (over ear)


Audio Technica ATH-PRO500MK2 RD RED

What do you guys think? Thanks!!!

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In my opinion Grado's aren't really techno/hip-hop headphones. You'd like an extra thump in the lows. This is something that the V-Moda M-80 & LP, so you might want to look in to those.

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Yes, i was just reading that the sr80 lacks bass when listening to Hip-hop, so they are a no-go.
What about the audio-technica pro500mk2?

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Sound wise they match your profile but not that comfortable. 


Another headphone you should look at is the Brainwavz HM9.

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The brainwavz HM9 costs about 40$ more than the pro500mk2 where i live and it looks as if it's not very portable.
How is the trade off sound-portability between the on-ear M-80 and over-ear LP?

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Compared to the PRO-500 Mk. II it is but not when comparing with the SR80i & M-80 & LP. I'm from Holland so it's close but our country is a tax-paradise for the government so prices could differ. But the HM9 costs 159 Euros here. The HM9 is also roughly the same size as the Beats by Dre Studio. To answer your question about the M-80 and LP I believe that the M-80 is more portable and better sounding.
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I really enjoyed the Crossfade LP for Dubstep tracks.  For the price I think they are great performers.  They may not be an audiophile headphone by any means but they are easy to drive and have a nice bump in the bass region that makes it fun on bass heavy stuff.

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They both can be found for about 100USD on Ebay excl. shipping... so which one is better pro500mk2 or the M-80?

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I'd go with the M-80. Can't say much more.

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I bought a pair of the pro500mk2's, at 65eur they were a bargain. Too bad customs felt the need to charge me 35eur in taxes!
Straight out of the box.. they sound amazing! Had to play a little with the equalizer to get the bass down though. Volume-wise, these things will make your ears bleed; they are increadibly loud.
I think i already caught the audiophile virus. Never going back to iphone earbuds!

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The m80 IMO is your best option.
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Another vote for the M80s. They can be had pretty cheap right now, and provide a fantastic sound. Very well balanced, nice bass. The LPs sound horrible.
I wish V-moda would make a headphone with the M80 sound profile in a circumaural design....

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