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Fostex T50RP Questions

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I am doing some searching on this Fostex T50RP.


Apparently, there are two versions of this headphone:


1) normal one

2) the one with Improved Transient Response


I know that for the former i need to do some mods. How about the latter ? do i still have to mod it ?



And if i have to mod both, what is the easiest and the most effective mod ?

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Unfortunately for you, you've just opened up a huge can of worms (for yourself).

Fortunately it's a magical adventure!


Here is the biggest tomb of knowledge that exists on the topic anywhere:


I actually own a Fostex T20RP MKII modded by the author of this article, and I can testify to these mods - they sound absolutely brilliant. I can only imagine how good a T50RP must sound with these mods.


I've never heard of two versions of the T50RP... maybe you've read about the original and the MKII which is the current production model. I wouldn't worry too much about that, and just get the MKII and enjoy the modding. 

Whichever you get you'll most probably want to mod it. 

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