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Headset with alot of bass

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I really feel confused on getting a new headset. I've tried the Sennheiser 598 and Sennheiser 580, both i feel lack ALOT in the bass department. That said, it can be just me who is used to "gamer headsets" so keep that in mind. I read a review saying the Sennheiser 580's are bass heavy which i really dont understand. It has very neutral sound in my opinion. 


So what are my options for a headset with alot of bass. I see that many say that Beyer Dynamic DT770 have alot of bass but im scared thats just another "Audiophile" claim like the 580's beeing bass heavy. If i do some equalizing on the 580's they sound a bit ok on the bass department, but would love more deep bass that kinda vibrates your ear :)

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The 770s are definitely bassier than the 580s, so they'd be a good option.  I have a pair of Denon D600s that I really like, and they're definitely not neutral; they're bassier, but in a good way, which doesn't detract from the clarity and detail.  I got them for $250 refurbished here:


They're even cheaper now than when I bought them, and IMO a very good deal at that price.

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Beats by Dr Dre :k701smile: (don't buy these, I'm joking ofcourse)


But consider trying the B&W P7. The bass on both the B&W P5 and P7 is pretty strong.

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Played around with the equalizer a bit and the 580's did actually give a good punch. But ill definetely check out the 770's and B&W.

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DT-770 or maybe Ultrasone HFI-580 / DJ-1 would probably satisfy. I just want to point out though that you might be used to the bloated sound most gaming headsets sport now, but give some time to a more natural sounding headphone and you might change your mind. I can understand you find the bass lacking in the HD598 though. The DT-770 or Ultrasones are still probably going to have less bass than your average gaming headset, but it will be much cleaner and accurate. You still get a good "punch" though if that's what you're after.

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M-Audio Q40

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Whatever you do, don't try the AD700! Way too much bass! Anyone who uses that loves bloated bass and non existent treble.

By my estimates it has 25% more bass than the Denon D1100.

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I'd highly recommend the B&W P7 if you want a rich and deep bass, that is at the same time not drowning out the rest of the sound spectrum. Very tight and controlled, yet goes very deep when a song asks for it and will stay away when a song doesn't ask for it :)

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