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So guys and gals, anyone here yoyo? I've been doing it for about 2 years and I'm still going strong. I'm currently using a CLYW (Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works) Canvas as my main throw. And I'm going to Georgia State Yoyo Contest on the 27th. Anyone here throw or use to?


If you would like to get into it here is the best website to help you get into it. :


I'm on the forum there under the name DrAwesome pm me if you have any questions. It's a great community and is always welcome to new people.Questions here are also welcome.

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That's absolutely amazing. I didn't know that yoyo could be so complex, thanks for sharing !!

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I've just bought an YYF Die-nasty and some strings from euro yo....

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I have a Yoyojam ENEME and its awesome. Solid gun metal casing makes it really durable.
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@customcoco Yeah yoyoing is a beautiful thing once you get into it  there are a lot of people who really make it look like art. If you want to see some true great throwing go on youtube and look up some people like Augie Fash, Jensen Kimmit, Jason Lee, Guy Wright,Janos Karancz, and Paul Dang. While the Japanese throwers do some amazing tech work and bring a lot of it to a new level North America has some of the most flowy beautiful. Also the Die-Nasty will be a great beginner/intermediate throw that will take you far. I'm pretty sure it comes unresponsive out of the box so make sure you can bind. Good luck and i hope you stick with it.


@JJJMan75 The Eneme is an awesome yoyo. I've been considering it for a while now. Gotta love that shape. Hopefully I can snag one cheap on the yoyo forums Buy/Sell/Trade.

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This thread wouldn't be complete without a mention of K-Strass:


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Hello there,


Quick question :


What would you choose out those three yoyos?


I want to get rid of that hobby, to free some mental space... :D

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