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Detachable Interchangeable Cables

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I already posted a thread on the beginner forum and got some good advice. Between reading different reviews and articles here, I think I've found what I want. I've had some experience with IEMs and supra aural headphones and they don't quite fit my needs. I ride the bus on a daily basis, enjoy falling asleep with my headphones on, and just casual listening around the house or wherever I'm at.

I figure circumaural headphones are going to be my best bet to fit my uses, but I wanted to double check with you and hear your opinions. The bus is fairly loud, and I don't want to hear everyone on the bus, I figure that natural passive noise canceling of full size headphones would help eliminate that. I don't want active noise canceling though.

My budget is $100 once it's all said and done but a few more requirements I have are the iPod controls. I use my iphone as my portable device, without an amp, and a LifeProof case so once my headphones are in, it's time consuming and difficult to remove them to take a call. Also, the volume switch integrated on it is a must too.

The last feature I want, or the lack thereof, is the style. I want a closed back to prevent sound leaking, and a very simple and basic visual appearance. I've been suggested V-MODA's CrossFade LP, but they're too flashy for me. I currently have my eyes set on the Sennheiser HD439.

Which brings me to my question, the HD439 has a detachable audio cable and I haven't found any information yet, but are all detachable cables interchangeable? Is there possibly a better headphone for the price that has integrated iPod controls? What other suggestions do you have?
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Since I wasn't able to get a definite answer about interchangeable cables, I did some more research and stumbled upon this. http://www.simplism.jp/en/products/iphone/dualo_one_click_remote_with_mic_1/index.html

This greatly increases my options of headphones, and want any suggestions on full size, closed backed, basic style headphones in the ~$50 range and ~$100 range. I really do like the looks of the Sennheiser headphones, so any similar in looks with good quality sound is a must.
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Another update. I found someone on Craigslist that has a set of Sennheiser HD428 new and in box for $20. It wasn't my ideal first set, but at that price, I looked passed basically everything else. I just hope it is the HD428S that has the shorter cable. Not sure what I will do with 10' of cable.

To take care of the remote control aspect, I stumbled across two different gadgets. First is the NoiseHush NS560. It is a bluetooth remote suitable for all phones and even come with their own set of "noise-canceling" IEMs. The other option, and the one I'm getting, is FiiO's E02i Rocky Amp. It is an inline amplifier with the remote buttons. Basically nothing special, but it is basically what I want with a slight boost to SQ.

I'm picking up the HD428 on Thursday, and hopefully the E02i shortly thereafter. I'll keep you posted.

Sennheiser HD428
$54.99 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)

NoiseHush NS560
$24.70 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)

FiiO E02i Rocky
$25.99 (Price on Amazon.com, shipped)
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Headphones over the ear to sleep in the bus? No bro, that's a bad idea. Every hit with the window will be annoying plus most of them are very bulky. Isolation is medium also. 

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I'm not sleeping on the bus with them since most trips are under an hour. The bus was relevant for isolation and leakage. The buses are loud, between it and the commuters. I also can't stand listening to other people's music, so I figure it's only fairly to limit how much of my music was leaked. I understand they're not noise canceling, but after auditioning them at BB, I noticed I no longer had to max the volume just to listen to them.

The sleeping was brought up because I like to relax at bedtime and I sometimes fall asleep with my earbuds in. I am woken up in the middle of the night because my ears are so sore. Long term comfort was in mind here.

The bulkiness was of little concern since I would rather it meet my other requirements first. For $20, I can't complain about the SQ. However, the pleather pads were not only comfortable, but also aided in limiting leakage and maximizing isolation over anything else I would have found in that range. The circumaural design limits leakage more than any of the supra aurals I auditioned.

For $20, it's a steal and my first true set of decent headphones. If it's any consolation, I was more impressed by the sound of these than I was over most of the Beats and Monster headphones there. The skullcandys were even further behind, not even factoring in the price.

With all of that said, I'm already looking at mods I can do to possibly make them even better. I'm going to wait until at least a month of having them before I decide if I want to. Thanks for the concern though.
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