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Which one?

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I'm looking to get very heavy bass (heavy bass by me definition means inner ear tickling or better) but also have the best clarity. I'm leaning towards the Sony headphones, but the 30mm driver is questionable.


I am also considering these but am unsure if it will produce any more bass than the XB series.


Thanks in advanced for the help, would also like to inquire about the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros vs V-Moda Crossfade LPs as I will upgrade to one of them later on, which produces more heavy bass?



I have a FiiO E6 amp and my soundcard (laptop) is a realtek HD with an ALC269 codec which has MaxxAudio and Dolby Digital.

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Sony XB 500 is said to be one of the most bassy headphones out there.
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if your looking for ear pounding bass the v-moda crossfade LP has it but SQ is only a bit better then the dr dre studio headphones ( they  do sound better after burn in though) but they are $100 on amazon so I would suggest them.



the v-moda m-100 are better quality bass headphone for $300

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The pro900, hfi 580, m100, custom one pro will all drop a lot of bass.
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