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i am a forum reader seldom post.


i am using fiio e17 as my dac for more than 1year.


over this year, i tried to compare different sound source and seek for best quality combination, with the same earphone. my case is sony xba-40.


including, nokia n7, e72, samsung note1, sony s760, iphone, all tried with 3.5mm analog out or wmport or iphone port line out. all actually cannot be better than simply pc usb line out (usb). actually it is what i am expecting, as digital processing always the best way to preserve sound quality.


my recent source is a samsung mega 6.3, amazingly it can otg usb audio out to my e17, it provides same sound quality as my pc (usb line out to e17). by far, i am so happy this combination and recommend people to try it, perhap it could has better sound than alone x3, zx1 or even ak1x0. comment is welcome.


my discussion is, without upgrade my earphone and dac, am i get the same sound quality if i seek for some other usb-host device?


e.g. if i upgrade my player from samsung mega to sony recent f886/zx1, if sony new walkman can support usb host audio out to e17. am i getting better sound than mega+e17, or the same? if they are the same, it mean usb audio will become a STANDARD output device, all digital without difference.


as we dont need to put effort to improve in player sound quality anymore, as they carry exactly same digital signal with usb audio out, good bad devices also do the same thing, am i right.


please share your comment. thanks