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In ears for a basshead

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I have the over the ear m-100 and I love them. I use them with my ipod and fiio e12. but I would also like to have a set of good in ears for the times that I cant use the over the ear. I would like something that sounds as good as the m-100 and that will produce that heavy bass like the m-100. I have heard that I should look at the shure se215, as far as price goes, 100-300 would be around what I would want to spend. Please help, I need to get them ordered soon for a trip I am going on. and as far as the type of music I listen to, everything from Drum n bass to classical to hip  hop to classic rock, to trunk music, but I love bass.


thank you.

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Check the IEM list 

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Nah, the se215 is not a basshead iem. You should go to the discovery thread. They will probably suggest the Audio Technica ath-cks1000.

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I have the M100s as my full sized headphones and the GR07 Bass Edition as my in Ears.  I also use the Fiio e12 as my portable amp.  The perfect combo for this hip hop head.

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CKS 1000's are definitely not a basshead iem! If you like the M100s try the IE80 or FXZ200!

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Not sure what your price range is but the aurisonics asg-2 can give you more bass than you can handle (it has an adjustable bass knob).

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Just to let you know, I'm not basshead.

In paper, the Shure SE215 bass is stronger than GR07 be, however I didn't find the se215 really bassy, defrinitely not light but agréable.

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how about the asg-1 how are they. I am seeing a lot about the clarity in them, and clarity is a must also, but I am not hearing much along the ways of how the low end preforms.

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