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Hi! Need some advice on dt770 pro's

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I am currently looking into upgrading my PC audio situation. At the moment I am using a set of corsair 1500s which are Digital. Sucks am i right? Also not a great fan of USB connection or fake 7.1 surround. Sorry "Virtual".


Anyways long story short I have been looking at a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 250 ohm. Not the 990 as they are open back and noise leak would be an issue. (Work shifts and cant be waking people up with excess noise)


What I need help with is making sure I get everything I need. Correct amp and sound card etc. I have been reading threads on here and have seen several people recommend the Sound Blaster Z.


I do have a set of Z906s which i do like to use from time to time and would ideally like to be able to run both the headset and speakers from the sound card  On-board sound for speakers is ok but I would prefer to utilize the card as much as possible.


Am i correct in thinking that this specific card can handle this task?


I have read that this sound card has a built in headphone amp. Would this amp be sufficient for the DT770s? Or am i going to be needing something else?


Any comments/suggestions you have on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Very uneducated when it comes down to the technical of all this..


Oh would probably be a good idea to state what the use of all this is for. Mainly gaming music and late night movie watching. 


If you need more info on any part please let me know.


Thanks again.



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I would think the Sound Blaster Z (SB1500), $100, would do the job.

Run analog audio cables, 3.5mm plugs, 3 of them (green orange black), from the SB-Z to the Z906.

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