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For Sale: Eddie Current Electra

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For Sale:
Eddie Current Electra

Will Ship To: Anywhere



List price includes stock tubes, the silver capacitor upgrade, and shipping within the US (which was nearly $200 in its own right).  Price does not include paypal fees.


I have some Psvane EL34PH's I can throw in as well for $200 -- this price taking into account that the very bottom of one of the tube's key bases is cracked off.  This doesn't effect its functionality in any way and obviously can't be seen when the tube is inserted.  The quad was $400 originally and saw rather light use.


Likewise there's a tiny scratch on the inside of one of the output tube slots which is also merely cosmetic and would never be seen in use (yeah, I was rather careless one night >_> ).  


I'll take more pictures upon request. 

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Original owner?

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Is Craig doing something different with the next run?

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I've heard the need for a matched pair of 6SN7's in the input stage might not be so significant in future models, but I don't think that applies to any current run and I don't see anything about that on his site.


Also, I'll put up better pictures of this tomorrow.  I'm just waiting for some microfiber cleaning cloths to come in the mail so I can get finger prints off and such. 

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