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Senn 800

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I'm interested to see what everyone is recommending for an amp Senn 800. SS only please.

Currently have Eximus DP1

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Try reading the following threads.

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Thank you for the links.

It seems the consensus is tube.

I'm hoping for SS solution.

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Check this one, if you like of course
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Normally I'd ask what your budget is, but seeing that the Eximus DP1 is ~$3K (USD), I'm guessing you don't care about cost too much.


The best solid-state amps that I've personally heard with the HD800 have been the Luxman P-1u and HeadAmp GS-X, each for different reasons. I wrote a review of the P-1u in this thread, as did several others:


The GS-X contrasts from the P-1u with its cleaner, clearer sound which reinforces the HD800's treble, clarity, and soundstage openness - i.e., it can make it seem more holographic. It adds nothing of note to the mid-range or bass though, so if you'd prefer that you may want to consider the P-1u.

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I look for Bp here.


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I know someone who already using it with HD800, next to Zana Deux, and he is happy. Let us know what your final choice will be.

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I look for Bp here.
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