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Audio Purchase from Lottery?

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Hey y'all, if you won the lottery today, what audio gear would you purchase tomorrow?
I'd get an AudioQuest Diamond USB cable>Schiit Yggdrasil>Decware Taboo III&Schiit Ragnarok>Audeze LCD3 (balanced for Ragnarok)&Grado RS1/HP1000 for Taboo. I'll post the speaker rig tomorrow tongue.gif
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If I won the lottery today (assuming it was enough to go truly wild...)







Stax-009 and 007Mk-1

Senn HD800






UM Miracle



CA *Flagship*

JH Roxanne



Noble Kaiser 10

FitEar TOGO MH334



Amps / DACs:


dCS Scarlatti

Resonessence Invicta

Senn HDVD800 + few other DACs

Schiit Ragnarok/Yggdrasil

MSB Stack


Selection of SS and Tube for the Stax




Transmission Audio Ultimate (Surround - somehow...)



Buy the 21,000 CDs that I have in mind... Ooh;


And actually just purchase a London Orchestra e.g. LSO and have them perform for me... (You can't beat live sound right?)



Also contact some of these companies directly and get them to make me a statement item: CD player, amp, DAC, etc


Think that would be the first week, then who knows...

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Sennheiser HD800 w/ HDVD 800.

I'm a simple man with simple needs damnit!

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I would buy exactly what's in mi sig, plus, Senns Orpheus, and of course, a Stax rig, probably 009 and it's assorted amp.

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