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For Sale: ScHiIT Magni Modi

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For Sale:
ScHiIT Magni Modi

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling my magni/modi combo because I am looking to try out some audio-gd gearI bought these over this summer and have been happy with them ever since. It is my second setup, coming from Fiio E17/E09k. I really liked the combo because it is good with anything you can throw at it. Now that I am not buying a new pair of headphones every other week I am trying to get a solid setup that will pair well with just my HE400. This schiit is in great shape, it has never left my desk since the day I took it out of the box.



ASKING $175 shipped and fees in Con.US.

International buyers will have to cover shipping


not really interested in trades other than Audio-GD gear


:L3000:    Thanks!!

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Did these not pair up well with your HE400?

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PM sent.

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Originally Posted by RochRx7 View Post

Did these not pair up well with your HE400?


They sound good with the m/m, I was definitely not disappointed. I am just looking to try out something new, an amp/dac that may be more to my taste. I can't think of any headphone I had that actually sounded bad off of them. That is one of the reasons I liked it so much, it can handle pretty much any random headphone that I may go out and impulse buy. I am looking to try out a balanced setup. But if money is short, probably a tube amp or similar sounding.

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are you sending it with or without cables?

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