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Hey guys,


I am in the market for a solid noise-cancelling headphone but would rate my preferences as sound over noise cancelling followed by comfort with design coming in last place.

I have heard that the Audio Technica's are a solid pair of noise cancellers with some great bass and nice detail (I do like a slight punch on the bass of my headphones which is why I am not sure about the Sennheiser's) while their design isn't the best.

The Parrot Zik however have an integrated app which allows you to monitor the equalizer and many other features, while their sound is a bit "muffled" and "tin-like". Their features and design however are second to none.

The Bose are a classic choice for noise cancellers with solid bass and a bit of lack in higher-end detail and clarity while they look classy and are quite comfortable.

The Sennheisers are a class away from the others when it comes to sound quality but look bulky and come with a massive carrying case. Their comfort is also not bad (but once again is bulky).


So far, I am leaning towards the Parrot Ziks as I feel they are "modern" and "futuristic" and allow you to fine-tune the sound quality (with the EQ) so that the bass liking I have is not an issue. I have found them on sonic electronix for $400 USD and plan to ship them to where I live (Australia) as they are $500 AUD here. However, I have found a cheap site regarding the Audio Technicas which have them for a crazy low $202 AUD. Check out the site in the link and please tell me if you think its legit. If the site is legit I may lean towards the ANC9's as they would be an absolute beauty for the money.


So what would you recommend?


*Just wanted to let you know that I am not an audiophile although I do appreciate clear, crisp sound with a very slight exaggeration on the bass. 

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